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Life Tragedy

A Tragedy

I sit in my car. The long line of traffic, the hot sun heating my already heated body. I cursed myself for the umpteenth time. I always forget to repair the air conditioning. Lagos traffic had taught me a thing or two about patience. Glancing at my mirror, I see my two little girls, Ngozi, …

Drama Tragedy


Patient walks in, psychiatrist is already seated beside the reclining chair. Psychiatrist : Please have a seat. Patient moves to the reclining chair, hesitates a bit and then seats. Psychiatrist : let’s continue from our previous session. Flips through book. You said the first person that molested you was the help. Am I correct? Silence. Patients …

Drama Life Tragedy


It was a small room. A bed, with white bed sheets was stationed by the window. A small flower pot which contained an aloe vera plant, stood at the window sill. There was a desk by the bed. It had three drawers and a chair. A metal table stood at the middle of the sky …